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Avoid Lengthy Delays

On average traditional methods of sale take 180-239 days to sell a property (Source: Zoopla). From listing, receiving an offer, conveyancing, mortgage application and finally completion. To make matters worse, there is no guarantee of sale. 

Why Auction?

28 Day Exchange

Our auction timeline is strictly 28 days, injecting urgency into the process. This urgency compels both vendors and buyers to act swiftly, ensuring that your property moves from listing to sale with remarkable speed. Swift action means less waiting and more certainty for you, translating into a smoother, faster path to closing.

Certainty of Sale

Our auctions stand out by requiring a non-refundable deposit and setting a definitive closing timeframe. This firm commitment eliminates common sale pitfalls, such as buyer hesitance or financing fall-throughs, offering you peace of mind. With a more reliable process, you can plan your next steps with confidence, knowing that your sale is secure.

Competitive Price

Our auction environment is designed to foster competition among buyers. This competition not only heightens interest but often drives the sale price above expectations, maximising your return. Higher sale prices mean greater financial gains, providing you with additional resources to invest in your next venture or dream property.

Why Choose Us?

Major UK Portal Exposure

We guarantee your property prime placement on all major UK property portals, along with our esteemed partners. This extensive exposure ensures your listing captures the attention of serious, qualified buyers across the nation. With a larger pool of interested buyers, the likelihood of finding the perfect match for your property skyrockets, promising a smoother and more rewarding sale.

bespoke service

At OneAuction, we pride ourselves on delivering personalised, bespoke service to every client. By understanding and aligning with your unique needs and preferences, we craft a selling experience that’s as unique as your property. A tailored approach means your property sale isn’t just a transaction, but a carefully curated journey to success, ensuring satisfaction beyond the sale.

Book a free property valuation

Have you got a property for sale? Interested to see how much it may be worth at auction? Fill out the form below and a member of the auction team will be in contact to arrange a free no-obligation auction valuation.

step by step auction process

1). Property Valuation:

Schedule a comprehensive property valuation with our expert auctioneers.
Obtain a precise market value assessment based on local knowledge.

2). Auction Listing:

Instruct our auctioneer to proceed with listing your property.
Showcase your property with compelling details and visuals on our platform.

3). Bidding Period:

Experience and watch the excitement of competitive bidding live on auction day.

4). Closing the Deal:

We swiftly finalise the deal as the bidding period concludes.
Our team, in collaboration with solicitors, expedites legal processes for a successful closing.

See what our customers have to say

OneAuction sold my house in record time, hassle-free and at a great price. Highly recommended!
by Roy B.
Massive thanks to OneAuction for making selling my house easy. I couldn't have asked for better service.
by Chang S.
Absolutely thrilled with OneAuction! Their platform is so easy to use, and I found the perfect property in no time. Highly recommend!
by Kathleen Peterson
OneAuction made buying my first investment property a breeze. Their expert advice and wide selection of listings gave me confidence in my decision. Thanks
by M. Stooles
I had a fantastic experience with the guys at OneAuction, they helped me every step of the way from start to finish selling my property. They sold my 3 bedroom mid-terraced house with tenants still residing for 10% more than what estate agents were valuing. Great company, great people.
Claire K.
Living 200 miles away from our property and after a considerable period of frustration going through the conventional sales route, and not receiving decent offers, we contacted OneAuction for help, knowing little about auctions. We really should have gone down this route much earlier, and we ended up with a sale and at a price that we had not expected. Great stuff
N. Rahmani

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